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Testimonials - EminiVolumeTrader

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$5,512.50 out of the market in 57 days. I had never traded before those 57 days.

I have been working with Michael Ramos for five months. I came into his room after having my job outsourced and being left high and dry financially. I was fed up with depending on other people for my living. After discussing my situation with Michael I decided to join his room and follow his trading on a daily basis. I was a complete neophyte. I had never traded anything in my life. I knew nothing of the market or how money/stocks were traded.

We discussed a timeline for learning how to trade. 3-6 months to learn the charts and 6 months to a year to learn trading one trade in the simulator, or until I had positive gains for three months straight. And then to go live with one trade and gradually have multiple trades from there. I knew this was not going to be an overnight learning process and committed myself to studying daily, and asking lots of questions. I did not read any books or watch videos, (except the short ones Michael made to explain the charts we use.)

I followed Michael’s trades every morning. Just watching, listening and learning. I also spent time everyday practicing what I had learned in the morning session on the replay charts, and memorizing his methodology. Each time my trading got a little negative, I returned to his methodology and got back on track. For the first two months all I did was follow his trades and focus on getting a really good grasp of interpreting the charts.

After about 8 weeks I started to trade slightly negative and slightly positive and then began to keep a daily record of my trades.

29 days after starting to keep track of my trading, I was mostly positive, trading at 75% positive. I had pulled out of the market 33.75 points, or 135 ticks. At $12.50 a tick, that would be $1,687.50, trading one trade.

47 days after keeping track of my trading I was trading positive at 78.23%. I had pulled out of the market 80.25 points, or 321 ticks. At $12.50 a tick that would be $4,012.50, trading one trade.

57 days after keeping track of my trading I am trading at 80.70%. I have pulled out of the market 110 points, 441 ticks. At $12.50 a tick that is currently $5,512.50 that I have pulled out of the market in 57 days.

Currently I am trading in the simulator and intend to go live with one trade in the beginning of December. I will be able to support myself fully at that point by my trading alone. After which expect to be able to add multiple trades to be able to more than support myself.

I am most grateful to Michael for his encouragement and his teaching and insights. I was very concerned about my future and now feel like I have a say and control over what my future looks like. Without hesitation I have recommended Michaels teaching to my friends and family.

Julian H.
Los Angeles, Ca.

Well  thank you Michael; even after visiting 188 live rooms (most for many months at a time) and evaluating over 300 other rooms/sites, I am never sure what the next one will bring; I mostly hunt now for all trader/no vendor rooms that trade in real time, post accurate and forthright records and have executable trade efficacy sufficient to net $200/day ($50K/yr).  You present with a vibrant personality; good humor, clear market understanding and trade logic; I am enjoying yours very much.

Dean A. Handley, PhD, MBA, JD

Absolutely the best in the business. Michael teaches no BS tools and techniques that are essential for successful trading. Great teacher, great mentor, and great friend. Highly Recommended!

Alex Bernal, CMT
Chief Technical Analyst at PAC LTD

"Michael has an excellent feel and unique approach for day trading the E-Mini. Not many traders will let their winners run as consistently as he does, on a daily basis. Any losses are small, quickly cut short and trading is wrapped up before noon, each day. Highly recommend a trial of his trading room. "

Blake Winfield

Your coaching has given me the confidence to become a better trader, and I am enjoying how my trading results have improved as a result of all that I have learned from you. You do a fabulous job coaching us in the es room.  I appreciate all that you do for this program.

Diana J.

I'm writing you briefly in recognition and gratitude for the help I've received from Michael Ramos. Over the past several weeks I've come to appreciate the many hours of invaluable help and inspiration especially, from Michael Ramos. I honestly cannot convey strongly enough how much Michael has shortened the learning curve and comforted me during periods of overwhelming frustration. He offers his guidance to me every day with great humor.

Again, thank you!
Sincerely, Robert H.

Just wanted to share with you. I'm back in touch with Michael Ramos. What a great mentor! Thank you for Michael. He's a great helper and always ready to answer
a question.

Ellen S.

If you have the opportunity to work with Michael you will get a chance to work with a total professional and all the while enjoy yourself while making money.
Marty Daniels

Owner at Marty Daniels Textiles

Excellent Market Profile trader and teacher!

David Roscoe Independent Futures Trader and Coach

Michael has developed into a very good futures trader since I've known him. He has a great understanding of how the markets work and how to trade them in a consistently profitable way.
Andy Lafontaine President at Ovation Technologies Ltd

Volume is logical to me... it is the driving force behind price change. My research led me to paper trading using a lot of what you look at. My biggest problem though (and possibly a lot of other traders have the same problem), I needed to be right every time.  This is why I decided to look at how others trade and had joined a number of trading rooms to try and find that something that would give me confidence to the pull the trigger every time. Your room is the only one that has come close. I now realize (thanks to looking at your statistics and your room trial) that I don't have to be right every time, I just need to feel confident that I will be right enough to make a profit.

The things that I really appreciate about your room:

  • You are open (and honest) about the profits you make (would you buy a Ferrari without seeing it's performance)... not many others do this.
  • Your methodology!
  • The possibility to learn as you earn.
  • Your clear call of when is a good time to buy and sell.
  • There is plenty of action (this is important to me)... there is not a lot of sitting around waiting for a trade.

Thank you.
Chris G.


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